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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Medal of Honor Spawn System

As I continue to play MoH, I come to enjoy and loathe the spawn system. Having never played MW2, I can't contest as to its comparison, but several people say it's exactly the same. The best I can do is describe what I see and how I think it plays into the game. So here we go.

In Combat Mission, an objective gametype, there are two spawn options. First, spawning back at the base keeps you "safe" from enemy fire but leaves a large gap between you and the enemy base/objective. Thus, you have to traverse quite a ways to find assistance, all the while making yourself vulnerable to enemy fire. If, on the other hand, you chose to spawn on the front, the game chooses a random player, who may or may not be taking fire. If he dies, a new spawn location pops up, in my experience at a safer position. The advantage of this latter option, of course, is getting you into the action much quicker and most likely close to the objective. This system is for the attacking team.

Defenders in Combat Mission spawn at their currently held base, since that is always the center of action. In either case, attack or defense, the respawn timer is set to five seconds, which seems like an eternity. The action in MoH is fast and hard, and doesn't really reward sitting back and waiting for kills the way Battlefield does. Five seconds, however long it may feel, keeps the ebb and flow of soldiers on both sides even, allowing for lulls in the action for the defenders to catch their breath before renewing the fight. The win to loss ratio in Combat Mission, all things being equal, is about 50:50. However, like the game type Combat Mission is more than obviously modified off of, Rush from Battlefield: Bad Company 2, if the attacking team has only a few players who want to attack the failure rate increases very, very quickly. If you renamed Combat Mission Combat Rush or Rush Mission, the point becomes only more clear, as does the direct pull from BC2. The basic play style is the same, minus only the vehicles and with far increased bullet damage and lowered player health.

The other game mode, Team Assault, is essentially team deathmatch. The spawning system here is relatively simple. The minimap divides the battlefield into discrete sections, and your spawn point shifts depending on where troop concentration is. If you put a four quarters grid on the beta Team Assault map, the outermost corner of each is the spawn point. Of course, with this lack of generally random spawn points, a couple players can post up and take people out as they spawn, wait for respawn and repeat until someone finally gets them. Again, I've never played Modern Warfare 2, but from what I've seen this is how that game's spawn system works. Add to this that the respawn timer is a little under a second to keep the action fast paced (given the smaller map size) and spawn camping, trapping even, becomes an issue. This happened to my team when I joined a game tonight, though we eventually broke or spawned out of it, but it is not a fun experience.

One thing I want to get off my chest, though, before I end tonight, is aiming. With consoles, as I understand it, there is a system of auto aim to compensate for the control stick's lack of precision. Because the mouse on a computer allows for next to exact aiming, auto aim is never a factor. For me that's a problem, since I find that I always tend to aim directly to the left or right of my enemy before he sees me, and then he sees me, shoots me, and I die. Bah I say, bah.

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